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Updated On: Oct 12, 2017

October 12, 2017




In accordance with the provisions of Article VII, Section 10, “All vacancies on the Executive Committee created between regular elections shall be filled by appointment by the members of the Executive Committee.  The Secretary will notify all EWMC members of the vacancy and interested members shall have thirty (30) days after the notice to submit a resume to the Executive Committee.”


No more than one Officer from the same Local Union and no more than three Officers from the same IBEW Vice Presidential District are allowed.


Per the EWMC National Operating Bylaws, interested EWMC members wishing to be considered for the position of EWMC At-Large Member, and fill the remaining term of office through January 2019, must submit a resume to the National Executive Committee at by 12:00am (ET), November 14, 2017.   


Please see below.


In Solidarity!

Tonya Alston

EWMC Recording Secretary



Section 5

In order to be eligible to hold an office in the EWMC, a member must meet the following criteria:

A. Should be a Business Manager or President of his or her Local Union.

B. If he or she is not the current Business Manager or President of his or her Local Union, the member shall make written notification to the current President/Business Manager of the respective Local Union stating that he or she has been elected (or appointed) to serve on the EWMC Executive Committee, and request complete cooperation from that Local.  A copy of the written request and written response shall be forwarded to the Secretary no later than thirty (30) days after the election of the Executive Committee member or the new officers of the Local Union, whichever is appropriate.

H. No more than three (3) At-Large Executive Committee members can serve from the same IBEW Vice-President District.  

I. No more than three (3) Officers of the EWMC can serve from the same IBEW Vice-Presidential District.   

J. No more than one (1) Officer of the EWMC can serve from the same Local Union.  

K. Members must be an EWMC National Member for a minimum of two years to stand for office or to be appointed to office.



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