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2024 Conference Agenda

34th Annual Leadership Conference
Vision to Reality: EWMC Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence, Wisdom,
Mentorship and Courage

January 10 - 14, 2024
Marriott Marquis Atlanta Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia

Wednesday, January 10, 2024
7:00 AM: Continental Breakfast Foyer A700
8:00 AM: Opening Plenary Session A703,A704
Presiding  Edward Nieves
EWMC-RENEW President
Journeyman Wireman IBEW Local 3 
Invocation  Dana Pierce
IBEW Local 613
America the Beautiful Zac Solomon
Trumpet Solo
Member IBEW Local 11
O Canada Ticha Albino
EWMC Executive Board Member
Business Representative Local 353
Introduction of Delegates Edward Nieves
EWMC President’s Remarks Keith Edwards
Organize! Jennifer Gray
Director Civic & Community Engagement Dept IBEW
Building Strong Chapters Joseph Wells
Executive Board Member EWMC
DEI Officer IBEW Local 134
Leading the Way EWMC-RENEW Past Presidents:
Kevin Mack, Local 58
Alton Wilkerson, Local 11
Wendell Yee, Local 3
10:00 AM – 12 Noon Workshops:

1) Knowing the Rules of the Game - A708

2) Success Signals:  Effective Communications - A703

3) Building Political Coalitions - A706

4) Mentoring - A705
12 Noon Buffet Luncheon - Imperial Ballroom
2:00 – 4:00 PM Workshops Repeated Once
4:30 PM Closing Plenary - A703
5:00 PM Adjournment
6:00 – 8:00 PM Reception - Foyer 700
Thursday, January 11, 2024
6:00-9:00 AM: Community Service Registration
Volunteers Breakfast Imperial Ballroom
Dispatch to Community Services Projects
12:00-3:00 PM: Volunteers Buffet Luncheon (staggered)  Imperial Ballroom
1:30-8:00 PM: Leadership Conference Registration  Event Reg. #4
5:00-6:00 PM: New Member Orientation  A601
EWMC Opening Plenary Session
Thursday Evening, January 11, 2024
6:30 PM: Call to Order  Atrium Ballroom
Presiding Grace Smith
Vice President EWMC
Member IBEW Local 824 
Invocation Shirley Brinson
Associate Minister
Divine Unity Missionary Baptist Church
Foreign War State Honor Guard Ronnie Cook
Harold Roberts
Romeo Simmons
Alex Williams
Pledge of Allegiance Gabrielle Saylor
Critical Project Manager IBEW Local 613
America the Beautiful Dennis Springer
Indigenous American Saxophonist
Member IBEW Local 11
O Canada Ticha Albino
EWMC Executive Board Member
Business Representative IBEW Local 353
Lift Every Voice & Sing Imhotep Academy  
In Memoriam Keith Edwards
President EWMC
Retired 9th District Representative IBEW
Robbie Sparks
President Emeritus EWMC
Retired Business Manager IBEW Local 2127
United States Military Recognition Jamell Thrower
Secretary EWMC
Journeyman Electrician IBEW Local 26
Introduction of EWMC Executive Board and Delegates Grace Smith
Vice President EWMC
Member IBEW Local 824
Rules & Order of Business Deon Mayes
Treasurer EWMC
Assistant Training Director IBEW Local 11
Resolutions & Bylaws Committee Report Sean Bagsby
Executive Board Member EWMC
Business Manager IBEW Local 46
Credentials Report Jamell Thrower
Secretary EWMC
Journeyman Electrician IBEW Local 26
Welcoming Remarks Robbie Sparks
President Emeritus EWMC
Retired Business Manager Local 2127
50th Anniversary Celebration Keith Edwards
President EWMC
Retired 9th District Representative IBEW
Introduction of IBEW Officers, IEC and IVPs Keith Edwards
Greetings The Honorable Andre Dickens
Mayor Atlanta, GA (Invited)
Guest Speakers Cedric Richmond
Co-Chair Biden Campaign
Paul Noble
International Secretary-Treasurer IBEW
Kenny Mullins
Business Manager IBEW Local 613
Yvonne T. Brooks
President, Georgia State Federation AFL-CIO
Sandra Williams
President, Atlanta North Georgia Central Labor Council
Chapter Presidents Reports Joseph Wells
Executive Board Member EWMC
DEI Officer IBEW Local 134
Adjournment Grace Smith
Vice President EWMC
Member IBEW Local 824
Friday, January 12, 2024
6:30 AM: Leadership Conference Registration
Continental Breakfast Atrium Foyer
7:30 AM: PLENARY SESSION Atrium Ballroom
Presiding Keith Edwards
EWMC President
Invocation Sylvester Taylor
EWMC Executive Board Member
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
IBEW Local 1
Keynote Speaker Kenneth Cooper
International President IBEW
Welcome Remarks Brian Thompson
Fifth District IVP IBEW
The Future is Now Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Moderators Keith Edwards
President EWMC
Sherilyn Wright
Sr. Executive Assistant to the President
Lt. General Ronald Bailey
Vice President, NECA
Special Guest Speaker Stacey Abrams
The Power of Your Vote Nettie Stuckey
Joe Zahorik
International Representatives
Government Affairs Department IBEW
Shawni Davis
Luminary Electric
Journeyman Electrician, Member Local 43 
IBEW-EWMC Activists
12:30 - 1:30 PM: Delegates’ Luncheon Imperial Ballroom
The King Center &  National Center for Civil & Human Rights Museum
(Transportation Provided:  Departure locations tba)
6:30 - 10:00 PM: EWMC Delegates’ Reception Georgia Aquarium
Sponsored by IBEW Local 613 Baker Street Northwest
(across from the National Center for Civil & Human Rights Museum)
Transportation Provided to/from Marriott Marquis Hotel to Aquarium from 6-10:00 pm
Saturday, January 13, 2024
6:30 AM: Continental Breakfast Atrium Foyer
7:30 AM: District Caucus Meetings Districts 1, 2 and 3 - Room: A602
Districts 4 & 5 - Room: A705
District 6 - Room: A706, A707
Districts 7 and 11 - Room: A702
Districts 8 and 10- Room: A708
District 9 - Room: A703, A704
9:00 AM: Plenary Session Atrium Ballroom
Presiding Felicia Wiseman
EWMC Executive Board Member
Journeyman Inside Wireman
Organizer IBEW Local 58
Greetings Christopher Erikson
Chairman International Executive Council
Business Manager IBEW Local 3
EWMC Chapter Report Joseph Wells
EWMC Executive Board Member
DEI Officer IBEW Local 134
Intro to Disinformation Discussion Mark McDermott
Labor Activist & Consultant
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Workshops
Workshop 1: Know the Rules of the Game (Presented at 10:30 AM only) Room: A601

Presenter: Dorothy Fortier, Retired Sr. Assistant Business Manager, IBEW Local 1245

This workshop is designed to test and enhance your knowledge of parliamentary procedures and the IBEW’s structure, basic laws, and policies.

Workshop 2: Bolstering Our Future Workforce-(Uplifting Students and Empowering Marginalized Communities) Room: A706, A707

Presenter: Lt. General Ronald Bailey, Vice President, NECA

This workshop focuses on addressing workforce shortages through community engagement. Join us as we delve into the Adopt a School program, a NECA initiative aimed at bolstering our future workforce while uplifting students and empowering marginalized communities.  By bridging the gap and providing resources to schools in need of support, we can strengthen our industry. The Adopt-a-School program raises awareness about the opportunities available within the electrical contracting industry and contributes to building a brighter future for kids, families, and schools. We will examine this program and others that can help create a sustainable workforce while making a significant positive impact in the lives of those who need it most.

Workshop 3: Increasing Diversity in the Electrical Trade: Unlocking Grant Opportunities Room: A705

Presenters: Valerie Mojeiko, A.M. Crawford, Inc. Chief Operating Officer
Rebecca Dettorre, AM Crawford, Inc. M.A. Lead Consultant

This workshop aims to provide participants with valuable insights on leveraging grants for advancing diversity and inclusion efforts in the industry.  In this session attendees will explore the impactful role of grants, learn from successful initiatives funded in the past, and gain strategies for pursuing grants at the local and national level.  Discussion will revolve around defining activities and initiatives that could benefit from grant funding and exploring the potential for incorporating the EWMC as a partner in grant projects with the Electrical Training Alliance. The event encourages open dialogue and Q&A, allowing participants to engage in candid conversations about the industry’s priorities and essential aspects shaping the future of diversity within the electrical trades.

Workshop 4: Disinformation: “We Must Sharpen Our Skills to Win People Back to the Truth and Strengthen Our Democracy” (Presented at 2:30 PM only) Room: A601

Presenter: Mark M. McDermott, Lifelong Activist

This is a skill building workshop where we reflect on our ongoing experiences to win people back to the truth, civil conversations and rational fact-based dialogues.  What works?  What doesn’t? What new skills can we learn?  We all know this work is very difficult and frustrating.  Honesty and humility will help us acknowledge that many of our current approaches do not work well enough.  Exploring new perspectives and approaches will help us be more effective.

Workshop 5: Solidarity Now!  Pronouns to Build Belonging and True Inclusion Room: A602

Presenters: Ticha Albino, Business Representative IBEW Local 335
Sean Bagsby, Business Manager, IBEW Local 46

“My pronouns are ___________.”   Why does this statement provoke anger, curiosity, and confusion? And why is it so important for safety, dignity and a feeling of belonging? This workshop is a place to discuss pronouns and why it matters. We’ll also discuss why TRUE Inclusion builds belonging across our Union and is key to Organizing and better contract language. What we say and don’t say matters. Why we, as trade unionists, who support human rights and inclusion need to stand up with and alongside our members who ask us to take note of their pronouns.

Workshop 6: Mental Awareness Room: A703, A704

Presenter:    Dr. Keith Dempsey

Creating Healthy Emotional Contracts: A path to wellness and a better you.  Too often, people navigate life through lenses of fear, stress, and past trauma. Operating in this manner makes one experience self-doubt and question their personal power.  These beliefs become the foundation for unofficial contracts that limit greatness and provide barriers when seeking the road to wellness and a better self.  This workshop will explore how creating healthy emotional contracts improve communication, self-esteem, and overall emotional wellness.  These contracts can help teams increase production, raise moral, and work more effectively.

Workshop 7: Success Signals – Effective Communication Room: A708

Presenter: Amanda Pacheco, Director  IBEW Education Department

Ever wonder why you sometimes feel like there is a disconnect between you and those you are working with? That disconnect often boils down to communication styles. If you want to improve your ability to communicate effectively with others in order to build productive relationships and get things done, you will find that in this workshop. Success Signals is a great training for anyone who wants to be understood and better understand others. This workshop teaches essential communication skills that are key to any leadership path that you are on.

Workshop 8: Starting & Building a Strong Chapter Room: M101

Presenter: Jamell Thrower, Instructor IBEW Local 26
Wendell Yee, Journey worker IBEW Local 3

Learn the process on how to start and built a chapter that can last. Hear best practice and ideas to grow your chapter.

12:30 PM: Delegates’ Luncheon Imperial Ballroom
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM: Workshops (Repeated)
Sunday Morning, January 14, 2024
8:00 AM: Continental Breakfast Atrium Foyer
9:00 AM: Branch Caucus Meetings Atrium Ballroom
P&I Caucuses A703
10:30 AM: CLOSING Plenary Session Atrium Ballroom
Presiding Sean Bagsby
EWMC Executive Board Member
Business Manager Local 46
Organizing Roundtable
Moderator Rennie Blye
International Business Representative
Civic and Community Engagement Department IBEW
Nick Chapital
Assistant Business Manager
Membership Development IBEW Local 58
Rene Dozier
Assistant Business Manager IBEW Local 103
Stephen Gonzales
Business Manager IBEW Local 716
Joseph Hernandez
Organizer IBEW Local 520
Lorraine Llauger
Fifth District  Organizer Representative
Mitch Mayon
Organizer IBEW Local 716
EWMC-RENEW Report Edward Nieves
Chairperson EWMC RENEW
Journeyman Wireman Local 3
Breakthrough Leadership Panel Sean Bagsby
EWMC Executive Board Member
Business Manager Local 46
Brownette Cooke
Contractor, Evans Electrical Services Inc
Member Local 3
Edwin Lopez
Executive Secretary NECA-New York
Member IBEW Local 3
Sherilyn Wright
Executive Assistant to IBEW President
EWMC Business
Bylaws Changes Sean Bagsby
EWMC Executive Board Member
Business Manager Local 46
Chapter Presidents Report Joseph Wells
EWMC Executive Board Member
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Director
IBEW Local 134
Open Forum-Closing Remarks Delegates
Adjournment Keith Edwards, President EWMC
We Shall Overcome Some Day Delegate Participation

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