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Start a Chapter


Establish a Planning Committee and use the following as guides:

  • EWMC Mission Statement
  • EWMC Membership Application
  • EWMC National Operating Bylaws*


  • Appoint acting officers
  • Develop a promotional/organizing campaign
  • Encourage all IBEW members within a targeted area to join
  • Post meeting notices at the worksite and in the union hall
  • Use "one-on-one" organizing techniques
  • Send written invitations
  • Follow-up in person and by telephone whenever possible


  • Use a prepared agenda
  • Identify the chapter's short and long term goals
  • Review and establish procedure for adopting chapter bylaws
  • Determine meeting schedule, meeting location, and structure of committees and subcommittees
  • Determine budgetary needs, if any, and how to accomplish that goal
  • Establish a dues structure
  • Determine how the chapter will work to build and strengthen the IBEW, interact with other local union committees and AFL-CIO Constituency Groups and community organizations
  • Keep meetings as short and focused and interesting


  • Outreach should include members from different backgrounds (racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, age, disability; sexual orientation and religion groups)
  • Outreach should include diverse job classifications (including officers and rank and file members), worksites, branches of the IBEW


  • Focus on issues of interest to members
  • Organizing (Internal and External)
  • Mentoring
  • Education Programs
  • Promoting civil and human rights
  • Community service projects
  • Political action
  • Coalition building/alliances

*(Note: Chapter bylaws shall not conflict with the EWMC National Operating Bylaws. Chapter members must adhere to the EWMC National Operating Bylaws and the IBEW Constitution. Chapter bylaws must be submitted to the National Executive Committee for approval. Chapter members must join the National EWMC. Chapter charters may be issued or revoked by the National Executive Committee. Chapters must have a minimum of five (5) members to be issued a charter.)

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